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On The Move - Organizing and Management

We service SE Mass, RI and Greater Hartford CT areas as the premiere relocation organizers experience helping people pack, move, unpack and settle in with ease.

We will take the stress and frustration out of your move by managing every step of the process. Leave it to us – we’ll take care of everything! You can even go on vacation and return to a completely unpacked and organized new home. Imagine how nice that would be….

We can help by:

  • Sorting and de-cluttering prior to your move
  • Coordinating the sale and donation of furniture and other items
  • Staging your home for a quick sale
  • Inventorying box contents and items to be moved and stored
  • Carefully Packing items to be moved
  • Preparing a plan for furniture and accessories placement in the new home
  • Supervising movers and furniture placement on the day of move
  • Arranging for utilities in new home/canceling existing service, meeting utility persons if necessary

Unpacking and Organizing everything in your new home.

This includes: assembling furniture and other items, setting up kitchen and living areas, organizing clothing, 

installing electronics; hanging pictures, curtains rods, closet and garage systems and more!